Comprehensive Clinical Assessments
Clients are offered an individualized treatment plan based on a comprehensive psychosocial assessment, which encompassing the person’s total environment. We are commitment to the philosophy that the consumer leads the treatment process.

Individual Therapy
This is the most common type of mental health treatment. It is usually recommended when it is determined that the client's problems are primarily due to an internal state of mind rather than outside causes. The focus in individual therapy is on better understanding the thoughts, feelings, and attitudes that create negative self esteem and present obstacles to having a more healthy and productive life. We explore the past for the roots of the problems, but we put more emphasis on the client's current life difficulties. We help with depression, anxiety, traumas, relationship issues, divorce recovery, codependency, and life management issues.

Child/Adolescent Therapy
When one child in a family is having significant problems or symptoms, we may recommend individual therapy for that child. We work with children from birth through adolescence. With younger children, the therapy is often based on a mix of talk therapy and play therapy. With older children and adolescents, the emphasis is on talk therapy. We include parents and siblings in the treatment process where appropriate. We also collaborate with school systems because of our belief that we can do our best work by understanding and working with all the components of a child's world.

Group Therapy
Group counseling is a form of therapy in which 5-8 people come together to express their problems, feelings, thoughts and ideas. It is generally most helpful for clients experiencing such relationship problems as loneliness, choosing inappropriate friends and lovers, and having interpersonal conflicts with peers and authority figures in work or school settings. The groups provide a safe and supportive environment for openness and sharing of personal thoughts and feelings.

Early Intervention Service Coordination
In early intervention, young children are taught skills that are needed to participate in inclusive school settings. In addition to working with the children, parents and teachers are trained to implement successful intervention methods at home and school. Early intervention involves parents, and community agencies working collaboratively to provide the appropriate course of intervention for the child. We provide case management to children ages birth- 3 years. These children often have disorders such as autism, Down syndrome, feeding problems, or behavior and neurological disorders.

Reviewing/Preparing Social Security Disability Application
We help eligible clients apply for disability benefits. We can also prepare a comprehensive psychosocial report. We also prepare an appeal if the benefits are denied.

Disability/IEP Consultation
We provide, on an as-needed basis, consultation with other service providers such as a schools, day care providers, or pediatrician.

Life Skills/Career Counseling
We perform evaluations and counseling to assist individuals in exploring their interests and potential for various career options, or to assess their needs for life skill training. 

Mobile Services
We provide in-home services based on individual, pre-determined need.

Employee Assistance Programs (EAPS)
Every business runs on the same fuel—the energy of its people. Companies need employees to perform at their peak to realize revenue and growth objectives, and nothing impacts that performance more than personal issues. An employee’s personal issues can often translate into lost days, declining work quality, conflicts and turnover, litigation, and of course higher costs. We help companies Improve productivity, decrease work-related accidents, lessen absenteeism and turnover, reduce the health insurance claims of employees and their dependents and promote workplace cooperation and improve morale.


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